Station to station

©2014 Phréderique Von der Photo - Dutch city Rotterdam reminds me of Toronto although it is still in progress. The Central Station, designed by Benthem Crouwel, looks amazing. I saw ten photographs at work! Excluding myself. And some cell phone photographers.



Bad air or some kind of privacy in Tokyo

Although I didn't think the air wasn't that bad, lot of people in Tokyo do wear a facemask. Also clever if you want to rob a bank..



Treasures of Eindhoven

It's easy to say Eindhoven is an ugly city. Because modern buildings are rising between buildings from the near past. But some new things, like the second picture above, shine like a pearl. Other old spaces, like the former (barber?) shop or pub under a bridge, reminds me of a same kind of building I saw in Rotterdam, Cologne or Linz, I don't know exactly anymore. It was during the 80ies.