Nordic in the Low Lands

©2014 Phréderique Von der Photo - Nordic Delight Festival 2014: Heimatt, Petter Carlsen & The Lonely Drummer Orchestra, Jennie Abrahamson, Fucking Flink, Arne Dahl, Stine Jensen, Blaume Blume, Birgir & Pontus, Årstiðir

World Animal Day

©2014 Phréderique Von der Photo


Old meets new

©2014 Phréderique Von der Photo

Spider from Mars

©2014 Phréderique Von der Photo

Is this art?

©2014 Phréderique Von der Photo - This can be art. I saw it at some places during the Incubate Festival. Or is it real Triumph street advertising.

X Incubate MMXIV

©2014 Phréderique Von der Photo - Subjective impression of Incubate Festival 2014. Lousy band pictures but otherwise they reflect the live feeling of a good show. Most bands/artists were real good. (30.000 Monkees, 65daysofstatic, Adrift, Bad Decades, Chad VanGaalen, Crows, Crywank, Datashock, Exivious, G.W. Sok & Action Beat, Joel RL Phelps and the Drowner Trio, King Buzzo, Klaus Johann Grobe, Spindrift, Teething, The Guru Guru, The Ocean, Tusmørke, Waiver, Watenga & Pyramyth, Wooden Wand + Derek Walmsley [The Wire], ZXZW crew: Frank Kimenai, Alex, Ries, Vincent Koreman)