A mole in Best

Art in public places can be disturbing or great fun. This mole is a joy to watch. Your mood lights up. Nice piece of art! (More information follows)

Jesus in Aachen

At what are these nuns watching? While the sun is burning on his back Jesus sleeps.

Naked girl on a horse (Leuven)

When do man wants do be a horse? Sexy, isn't it? This statute can be seen in Leuven (B). More information follows soon.

Rock 'n' Roll All Night...

Live shots of bands are mostly dull or cliché. Most bands are not spectaculair to watch (but sound great or play awesome). But it's fun when you're made a picure just with your phone which looks great (#9 Tracer). Other acts: Amplifier, KoRN, Walking Papers, Donots, Billy Talent a.o.

Fractions of Aachen

Aachen, Germany, is a nice city. It has lot of ugly 60íes buildings but also amazing beautiful churches and theatre. God is everywhere but never annoying or irritating.


Some random pix Perth, 's-Hertogenbosch, Tilburg, Antwerpen, Turnhout, Reusel and Eindhoven

Wait, and take a look around you, whereever you are, my dear!

"Pussy!", said the Cat

Animal pictures are very popular online. And with a reason: it's really fun to make them. But cats know to be arrogant. Here just some examples. More to follow.